The Stages






The first Initiation is a transcendental revelation that facilitates access to higher levels of consciousness. Our awareness is expanded far beyond the senses and the physical universe they perceive. Without using the senses we are able to witness the vibrancy of the eternal levels of creation which had previously been concealed. These are witnessed as vast radiant regions of Light and Sound within which we are able to meditate – gradually incorporating their knowledge into our lives.




This second revelation allows us to transcend the source of the mind – proving without doubt that our awareness is now greater than the source. This is a massive expansion in our awareness. We now recognize that our being cannot be contained within an individual life. The concepts of an individual soul and of reincarnation are known to be an impossibility and completely irrelevant to spiritual evolution. We are freed from the continuous cycles of creation as our awareness is now expanded far beyond their sphere of influence.


At this point our awareness can be said to be “beyond the mind”. This is not the personal mind, but beyond the source of the mind as a state which allows consciousness to exist. The sense of identity, that we might call our centre, “I am-ness” or “me-ness” has expanded, and is now greater than the mind itself. The mind can be seen to be an insignificant fragment of the super-conscious state of second initiation; that it is intrinsically unconscious; and fundamentally limited in its sphere of awareness and understanding. We also recognize that the mind has no capacity whatsoever to overcome these limitations.




This is the revelation of the Ultimate Cause of Existence – the source of itself and everything else. Now we have no centre, rather our awareness is an absolute state that is everywhere, devoid of surfaces or edges. It is never touched by, and never touches the instinctive chaos of the movements of creation.


This infinite state of awareness is known as Enlightenment. Without beginnings and endings, Enlightenment cannot be glimpsed for just a few moments and then concealed again. Once known, it can never be concealed again as this boundless state can never be limited or contained by anything.


Complete in itself, this is the intelligence of pure transcendental love. Self-creating and self-sustaining, this is the most profound aspect of all existence. To become this love is to be empowered by it, saturated with the Cause and Source of all Existence.


Now the expansion of consciousness is complete. We can see that Enlightenment is the natural state of awareness of mankind: that to be Enlightened is to be fully human. This Path provides the opportunity to achieve that possibility whilst carrying out a practical lifestyle – as the key is the revelation of increasingly profound states of consciousness, rather than isolation or austerity.


Many of the problems that humanity faces on a personal and societal level are the result of a deep rooted fear of death, pain and the annihilation of the self. By removing these fears, each individual develops the ability to live their life for what it is now, rather than looking forward or backward through time for reassurance of it’s value and purpose. Meditation within the Light and Sound brings a peace of mind that is invaluable for both individuals and for society as a whole. However, each individual has a personal responsibility to encompass these realisations into their own life, to reflect them to the best of their ability and, consequently, to make them their own.


During the period of preparatory meditation within the Light and Sound, all fear of death is removed, as the realms of consciousness in which death is a reality are transcended. By meditating on a force greater than the mind, the mind can be used in a positive and controlled way. This control results in the dissolution of much negativity and anxiety, a state which is reflected within people’s lives as greater positivity and purposefulness. In addition, people who are meditating within the Light and Sound often feel a profound sense of personal empowerment as their consciousness expands to encompass an ever-increasing proportion of creation, their questions are gradually resolved and the real value and purpose of their life begins to unfold.

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"The Ultimate Reality is Absolute, having no edges, it can not be examined under a microscope"


Since the Absolute has no edges, nothing can be either on the inside or outside of it.  


The Absolute is Infinite, without boundaries  or surfaces, being undifferentiated, it has no parts, so where does the individual soul comes from. 

Kundalini Energy is Physical, its awakening is not spiritual Enlightenment.

This is a true spiritual Path where both men and woman get Enlightenment. Since there is no gender in God, many women have attained Enlightenemnt through the grace of the Perfect Master.