The Spiritiual Journey


"The greatest act of humanity is to Enlighten a human being as all else pales in comparison"

The Spiritual Path begins and ends, therefore, it is the most amazing journey undertaken by the seeker. We have spoken of the Perfect Master or the Guru, and it is important to note that it is not the personality aspect or the physical aspect, although without that there is no revelation of the Path within the seeker.

The beginning of the Path is initiation where the Guru places within the seeker the spiritual Light and spiritual Sound of higher planes, it is a superconscious initiation. At this point the initiate is taken out of the physical universe completely and taken to the Thousand-Petalled-Lotus, this is not the thousand petalled lotus of the Yogis where Kundalini ends, but is completely outside the physical Universe. If the seeker after Truth does not receive initiation on to these higher planes, so that he or she can see them, then the initiation is false.


This revelation in Indian culture is called the SatGuru, the Inner Teacher or The Perfect Master. The Light is referred to as the Light of God and the Sound current as The Word Of God. The “Word made flesh” is the manifestation form of the Light and Sound in the physical presence of the Guru or The Master, whichever you may prefer. He imparts his teaching to all, regardless of their Religion, creed, colour or caste, and it is equally irrelevant as to where the Master is from, that is, origin of country or race has nothing to do with his ability to impart Spirituality.


In a nutshell, it is not the body which is the Guru but the Inner aspect of his Being, the Light and Sound, the Satguru, the physical body is the vehicle required to bring that energy down to connect the seeker to the Transcendental aspect of his Being.


Meditating on the inner Light and Sound is very inspiring but the power of meditation is not simply the beauty of the Light and Sound itself, we can begin to discover stillness and tranquility which is impossible to imagine. The awareness of the individual grows and he or she is able to answer questions about the nature of humanity and the universe that hadn’t even been comprehended before as well as those that the individual may have carried within for many years.


A number of questions may arise in the mind of the initiate, especially the mystery of how can someone reveal the eternal levels of creation, and it is this question which finally makes the individual realize how fortunate he/she has been to have found such a Teacher.


Initiation is more than the revelation of the Light and Sound, it is the power of this living Teacher which can draw back the illusion or “veil” of form in order to allow people to witness these eternal levels of creation, it demonstrates that he himself is the Master of those levels of creation.


These are hard facts, and the Master is present in a physical form at this time in history, and that is why Initiation and other states of consciousness are possible until he takes the individual all the way to Enlightenment. It must be pointed here that spirituality is not the monopoly of the few and is for each and every individual, therefore the idea of the first and the last prophet is a fallacy, and there are no chosen people as God is an Absolute state and does not touch one brick of creation.

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"The Ultimate Reality is Absolute, having no edges, it can not be examined under a microscope"


Since the Absolute has no edges, nothing can be either on the inside or outside of it.  


The Absolute is Infinite, without boundaries  or surfaces, being undifferentiated, it has no parts, so where does the individual soul comes from. 

Kundalini Energy is Physical, its awakening is not spiritual Enlightenment.

This is a true spiritual Path where both men and woman get Enlightenment. Since there is no gender in God, many women have attained Enlightenemnt through the grace of the Perfect Master.