"The whole world is on fire with ignorance and superstition and it is Philosophy which puts out the flames"


The wisdom of Love is not the same
As the wisdom of Philosophy;
One accepts and expands,
the other expands and accepts.


The Absolute state is devoid of edges
and surfaces, so, is creation on the
inside or on the outside of that state?


The Absolute state is infinite, indivisible
and undifferentiated. The concept of jivatma
or an individual soul, is it a fact or is it an
invention by religion to support its existence?


God is an Absolute state, one can neither add to it
nor subtract from it, what then would be the
purpose of reincarnation?


God being infinite, it is everywhere and
cannot be known. How then, can someone
meditate on the name of God?


Only limits pose questions.
Infinity is not a question, nor is it an answer.


True peace starts on no known journey.
It does not rest since it has never moved.
It has always been at rest enjoying true peace.
Your real Self is this true peace,
so still everything by not moving.


True love is a form without a limit.
It is the real freedom all seek.

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"The Ultimate Reality is Absolute, having no edges, it can not be examined under a microscope"


Since the Absolute has no edges, nothing can be either on the inside or outside of it.  


The Absolute is Infinite, without boundaries  or surfaces, being undifferentiated, it has no parts, so where does the individual soul comes from. 

Kundalini Energy is Physical, its awakening is not spiritual Enlightenment.

This is a true spiritual Path where both men and woman get Enlightenment. Since there is no gender in God, many women have attained Enlightenemnt through the grace of the Perfect Master.