There is a current belief that a Messiah, Mahdi or a World Teacher is going to come and save the World. The Universe is perfect as it is, and always has been, so it does not need fixing. The role of the Messiah, or the Enlightened Teacher is to evolve mankind spiritually by giving Enlightenment in this lifetime, there is no other purpose to fulfill. Anyone claiming to be any of the above and cannot Enlighten people is not a Guru or a Master, but  is being fraudulent and misleading.
The universe is Perfect from the perspective of God and so it will not be fixed, as the universe demonstrates in form the perfection which is God, this means, that every possible and conceiveable demonstration of matter must take place, from the most sublime, to the most ridiculous, from the most charitable to the most horrific, otherwise there would not be omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence demonstrating in form.
When an individual achieves Enlightenment he/she discovers the universe from the perspective of the Absolute, and discovers it to be perfect, this is the purpose of any Prophet, Buddha or Messiah.

Without Enlightenment, the individual, he/she will always have doubts and fears about the universe and no amount of learning will remove them.

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"The Ultimate Reality is Absolute, having no edges, it can not be examined under a microscope"


Since the Absolute has no edges, nothing can be either on the inside or outside of it.  


The Absolute is Infinite, without boundaries  or surfaces, being undifferentiated, it has no parts, so where does the individual soul comes from. 

Kundalini Energy is Physical, its awakening is not spiritual Enlightenment.

This is a true spiritual Path where both men and woman get Enlightenment. Since there is no gender in God, many women have attained Enlightenemnt through the grace of the Perfect Master.