Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is it said that we are all God but we just do not know it," or everything is inside us already when we search for God or Enlightenment?

On the planet today, there are billions, not just millions of people, so why do these people not attain Enlightenment if the above statements are true?

Ans. The answers to the above questions are simple and profound, and something people never seem to consider.

There is no "Permanent Centre" to any human being. The human being is just a continuous collection of experiences. Unless they go to an "Enlightened Being" who can also give "Enlightenment" to others, they will never attain to the actual state of Enlightenment, as this state is something they are allowed to Discover through Grace.

Q. I have come across the word Grace several times but never actually understood what it is and why it plays such a crucial role in getting to Enlightenment?

Ans. Grace is an energy system that is there before intelligence begins in the universe, and is not an energy that is fatalistic, nor is it known within consciousness. And when someone does attain to Enlightenment, they discover for themselves that the individual they thought they were, never actually existed. The only state which is permanent is the state of "Enlightenment" itself. This is why billions of human beings just wander around fulfilling fatalistic destinies, yet die ignorant of why they existed and how they came to exist. Thus, they are always being "done to" and "done by," but never the actual "doer" in any proper sense, their futures hidden from them, and having the "unknowns" of their life as the reason for why they exist.

Ask yourself the question, "if I am already God realised but I do not know it," how am I hiding my larger Absolute Self, from my smaller self, while at the same time, it is my Absolut Self which is allowing the smaller self to exist? And of course, the answer is, I am not Enlightened. Therefore, this idea that "I am already God realised" is just a romantic idea created within the mind and never challenged by proper meditation or access to Grace.

Q. I believe that God has a Plan for all of us and we will be guided in time, after listening to you, I am confused, can you clarify this confusion?

Ans. Amongst the dozens of other "spiritual myths" that exist out there, this is just another one taught by people who themselves have no clue about Enlightenment. God is self-created and perfect, by being self-created, it has no plan. A plan is for a future not yet revealed and not yet manifest. God has no future, it is everywhere and everything and every action.

Q. What about the statements that "We are all getting to God One Day," or "We have thousands of lives and we are learning lessons in every one of them?."

Ans. There is no such a thing as a Soul, only a sense of individuality, created by virtue of the fact that in a universe of perpetual motion, a universe continually virginal, there is never any repetition of anything in the same exact way, and this creates the "sense of individuality" which people feel is their self. Also, god is Absolute and Undifferentiated, it has no bits and therefore has no souls.

Q. Why, when an individual can find value and meaning in life, would they not want to see and be the cause of that value i.e. Enlightenment? Why would billions wander around in complete ignorance of the Absolute when seemingly they are already that state, but are somehow never pushing away the limits of the small self to allow the Absolute to be there?.

Ans. This is because individuals cannot give themselves Enlightenment, that they live within the limits and boundaries of consciousness, with its perpetual set of opposites, i.e. love-hate, pain-pleasure, growth-decay, happiness-sadness and birth and decay.

Q. Can science discover the Cause of the universe?

Ans. No, science is as fatalistic as all other practices, and scientists fulfill a fatalistic destiny just like any other human being.

To discover the Cause of the universe, we would have to go beyond the universe, to a place where limits do not exist. Unfortunately, consciousness cannot go there as it is created by limits and has no idea how it came to exist. The Cause of consciousness is beyond limits where limits cannot go, hence, consciousness can never get Enlightenment.

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"The Ultimate Reality is Absolute, having no edges, it can not be examined under a microscope"


Since the Absolute has no edges, nothing can be either on the inside or outside of it.  


The Absolute is Infinite, without boundaries  or surfaces, being undifferentiated, it has no parts, so where does the individual soul comes from. 

Kundalini Energy is Physical, its awakening is not spiritual Enlightenment.

This is a true spiritual Path where both men and woman get Enlightenment. Since there is no gender in God, many women have attained Enlightenemnt through the grace of the Perfect Master.